From a partnership with the best Tuscan perfumers, hunters and gatherers of unique, first-rate essences that inspire intense feelings, we created a new universe of reed diffusers, unleashing powerful emotions and unprecedented olfactory journeys.

It is from such enlightened research on scent and inspired by the exquisiteness of a gem, Forte dei Marmi, nestling between the Apuan mountains and the wonderful Tyrrhenian Sea, that a design was born: that’s what we regard as a work of art and that’s how INFORTE was born.

Ramon Bresciani, the founder of such journey, is assisted by a special team of unique people, who are constantly in love with life, who let themselves be bewitched by dreams, who spark off positive, creative alchemies when they meet, letting their passions unfold into things, places, tastes and above all scents, people who always look for something, sure they will find it, and who believe that anything unexpected is the vital spark that keeps them looking.

There’s a story and a meaning in everything, everything is exciting and everyone can be swayed by emotions.

There’s never enough time to fully enjoy that, because you are relentlessly driven by an indomitable longing for infinity.